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Double reversible poetry book featuring: “peach” by Han Vance (the Harriette Austin Poetry Award winner); Vance concludes the “ATL Fire” poetic odyssey he set forth with his 2015 debut here in dramatic fashion, and “uNEVENLY yOLKED” by Tom Cheshire, his awaited follow up to “Just a Little Piece of Heartburn.” Musically, Cheshire fronts West End Motel, with Brent Hinds, and All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, as well as his eponymous work. This book has two front sides and contains two books ($22.50), with two additional poems by Sean Scharbach and cover art by: Michael Santini, Myles Williams and Han Vance. Buy at:

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NOW IN STOCK WITH FREE US SHIPPING – Double reversible poetry book featuring “peach” by Han Vance and “uNEVENLY yOLKED” by Tom Cheshire.